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Multiply’s talents

— A pool of experienced creatives
Julie Fourgeaux

Julie is a visual communication specialist with an orientation towards plastic arts. Trained at Gobelins, the medium is less important than the story for this designer with an original eye and a global vision. She intuitively transposes clients’ needs into visual concepts. A sharp and demanding creative director, don’t be fooled by her kawaii demeanor:
she’s the one in charge.

Kristijan Radosavljevic

Trained as supervisor, Kris is largely self-taught and always one step ahead of new technologies.
He fell into the 3D world through his Amiga 500 and has been converting ideas into polygons since he was 10 years old.
A solid rock at the helm of Multiply, he maintains
a global vision of its projects and is never afraid to take
the wheel. Kris is also an expert at solving unsolvable problems.

Camille Coste

Empathetic and rigorous, Camille anticipates clients’ needs well in advance. He has journeyed through the creative professions in his time and founded several companies.
Also a prolific collector, he has a keen interest in retrogaming, pop culture and is an expert in all things auctions
and collecting.

Julien Trauman

Julien adds precise and meticulous organisation to projects and manages the creative teams. A multilingual director that trained at the Vancouver Film School, this Excel specialist anticipates and resolves problems in audiovisual production before they arise. A psychologist in his spare time, he has one hand on his phone and the other on his keyboard, avoiding delays and ensuring productivity with the assuredness of
an orchestral conductor.

Claire Montagnon

Claire orchestrates the production of Multiply’s creations.
With a university degree in philosophy and digital publishing, Claire is a self-taught artist and worked as a freelance Art Director for 15 years before joining the Multiply team.
Her keen eye is drawn to challenges, to which she brings
an eternal positivity.

Théo Desimpel

Théo is a motion designer with all the adroitness of a graphic designer. Trained at Gobelins, his precise – but ever-open – eye gives him an intellectual vision of animation.
He distinguishes himself by his strong artistic standards and
his ability to marry texts and movements. He’s also a living encyclopaedia of memes and hip-hop!

Jérôme Bouton

A lighting specialist, this seasoned supervisor is a veritable polymath, trained in everything from animation to visual effects to virtual reality. As Multiply’s jack of all trades,
he is entrusted with team management and
the implementation of the pipeline. A big fan of dog videos,
he is the proud owner of the studio’s mascot!

Le pool de créatifs

Pier L.
Jessy N.
Claire M.
Romuald I.
Miguel R.
Julien T.
Thomas L.
Marion D.C.
Grégoire F.
Mernaz A.
Alexandre B.
Vincent B.
Benjamin B.
Suzy B.
Slim B.
Ferdiand B.
Theophile C.

Guilhem C.
Alexis C.
Annie C.
Titouan C.
Frédéric D.
Romain D.
Julien D.
Julien T.
Diane D.
Clémentine D.
Rui M.
Andréa D.F.
Antoine F.
Diane F.
Emmanuelle G.
Oriane G.
Jérémy G.

Tony H.
Yvonne J.
Thibaud L.F.
Arnaud L.T.
Atiyyah L.
Amanda L.
Julie L.
Celine L.
Amaury L.
Maxime L.
Thomas L.
Julien L.
Lionel L.
Danis M.
Arturo M.
Martin N.

Jeremy O.
Anne-Flore P.
Baggio R.
Alexandre R.
Marc R.
Léa R.
Mélanie R.
Tristan S.
Philippe S.
Julien T.
Delphine T.
Benjamin T.
Aurélien V.
Jordan V.
Tristan S.
Rowen S.H.

Pier L, Jessy N, Claire M, Romuald I, Miguel R, Julien T, Thomas L, Marion DC, Grégoire F, Mernaz, Alexandre B, Vincent B, Benjamin B, Suzy B, Slim B, Ferdiand B, Theophile C, Guilhem C, Alexis C, Annie C, Titouan C, Frédéric D, Romain D, Julien D, Julien T, Diane D, Clémentine D, Rui M, Andréa DF, Antoine F, Diane F, Emmanuelle G, Oriane G, Jérémy G, Tony H, Yvonne J, Isabelle, Thibaud LF, Arnaud LT, Atiyyah L, Amanda L, Julie L, Celine L, Amaury L, Maxime L, Thomas LTDLP, Julien L, Lionel L, Danis M, Arturo M, Martin N, Jeremy O, Anne-Flore P, Baggio R, Alexandre R, Marc R, Léa R, Mélanie R, Tristan SL, Philippe S, Julien T, Delphine T, Benjamin T, Aurélien V, Jordan Voisin, Tristan S, Rowen SH

Multiply Agency

81 rue Saint-Maur 75011 Paris


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