Cosmos Signal

(Digital Event)

Cosmos Signal

— The Dawn of a New Era!

Tendermint approached Multiply for a central component in their international communication strategy. The crypto giant ecosystem, Cosmos, known as the “internet of blockchains,” is constantly seeking to break through the confusion around blockchain and talk directly to the public. 

Cosmos Signal was the answer, a recurring digital event whereby new project announcements, crypto updates and important information can be shared by the CEO. Multiply’s job was to design a digital set for these broadcasts, framing the speaker within an environment that is aligned with the brand – a futuristic, interplanetary space in which the crypto solar system can come to life.

Behind the scene



Jérôme Bouton

Thomas Lebsir
Václav Patka

Production coordinator
Julien Trauman
Clara Penitot

CG Artist
Thomas Lebsir
Guillaume Engrand

Motion Designer
Théo Desimpel
Pier Le Chapelain

Creative Direction
Julie Fourgeaux

Flavien Garnier

Alexandre Renet
Mathieu Gaspard

Art Direction
Claire Montagnon

Lighting / Shading
Jérôme Bouton
Thibaud Lafond-Fenonjoie

Music & Sound Design
Franck R.

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