Ignite Launchpad


Ignite Launchpad

— Crypto moves fast, Ignite helps you move faster.

Our clients put their trust in us and long-term partnerships are the natural result. This, the third video in our valued collaboration with Ignite, focuses on their launchpad and token announcement.

Their “Move Faster” slogan necessitates motion design that is dynamic, fluid and forward-thinking. In creating the visual language for a launchpad and token release, we took full advantage of their signature graphic identity, an important differentiator in building something that makes them stand out in a space with constant new projects.

Behind the scene


Ignite (Tendermint)

Jérôme Bouton

Motion Designer
Théo Desimpel

Kristijan R.

CG Artist
Enrique Gracia Herrera
Fanny Rollot

Music & Sound Design
Antoine Trameçon

Creative Direction
Julie Fourgeaux

Václav Patka
Fanny Rollot
Enrique Gracia Herrera

Julien Trauman
Clara Penitot

Art Direction
Claire Montagnon

Lighting / Shading
Jérôme Bouton

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