(Case study)

Orange & Cisco : en route to the summit

— Demonstrating the added value of the SD-WAN solution in 2 minutes

a graphic fresco

Transforming an abstract concept into a very human adventure

The motion design approach was chosen for its warmth in softening the technical theme. The soft lines and the spirit of the great outdoors added intimacy and humanized technological concepts for novices.

the narrative bias

An analogue solution in a digital world

The technological framework provided by Orange and Cisco was illustrated using a mountaineering metaphor, a choice that embodied abstract concepts through a mountainous landscape. The mountain is a symbol of the values consistent with the product (performance, reliability, robustness, safety), and is familiar to the target audience who identify with the quest and with the notion of surpassing their limits.

A seamless transition

The epic dimension is graphically accentuated by a continuous, out-of-scale horizontal fresco, which mixes different angles with parallax transitions. The sets follow each other in a single sequence around transitional objects, without any visual break. It results in a fluidity that fulfils the clients’ promise of a simple transition to SD-WAN.

Productivity peaks

Without ever introducing technical elements, this provides a reassuring and precise demonstration of the benefits of deploying SD-WAN, and of the quality service offered by Orange and Cisco

Behind the scene


Orange & Cisco



2D Artist
Théo Desimpel
Pier Le Chapelain

Julie Fourgeaux

Motion Designer
Théo Desimpel
Pier Le Chapelain

Art Director
Julie Fourgeaux
Théo Desimpel

Concept Artist
Julie Fourgeaux

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