ARC Showroom

(Digital Experience)

ARC Showroom

— An immersive experience with the ARC products

ARC Management & Services, also known as Luminarc, is a French kitchen utensils manufacturing company that approached us for interactive, 3D showroom spaces.

An important partner for Multiply, we are indispensable to the artistic direction of showrooms, from broader concept to the precise rendering of objects within specific scenarios that match customer needs and desires. 

With 360° navigation, the Arc Multiverse allows the user to move from one area to another, discovering product displays in beautiful environments that capture imagination through style and relatable touches that they can project themselves onto. 

The Arc products, like dishes, glasses and cutlery, are accompanied by 360° turntables, serving as clickable information panels that provide more detail and allow the user to examine objects from every angle.


Arc Management & Services

Jérôme Bouton.
Miguel Randriana

Edouard Bricambert


CG Artist
Guillaume Engrand
Miguel Randriana
Edouard Bricambert
Romuald Isquierdo

Creative Direction
Julie Fourgeaux

Julien Trauman
Camille Coste
Clara Penitot

Art Direction
Claire Montagnon

Lighting / Shading
Jérôme Bouton

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