Toyota Retailer Digital Experience

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Toyota Retailer Digital Experience

— Switched on: a new modern & future proof concept

Another prestigious long-time partner for Multiply, Toyota trusts us to create 3D digitised representations of their New Retailer Concept showrooms, a significant new design chapter for the brand. 

This immersive, 360° website showcases the possibilities for modern, digitally-integrated refurbishment in two differently-sized retail spaces. 

Toyota uses this interactive tool to market the vision of a re-imagined showroom complete with modulatable and engaging customer areas and new brand discoveries at every stage.

In navigating this virtual retailer, the user discovers all stages of a rebooted customer journey, interacting with products and learning about revamped concepts for enriching interactions and brand engagement.

Freemode is an unrestricted tutorial experience with a focus on exploration and discovery, while User Journey mode follows specific customer pathways in spaces that are designed to meet certain needs. 

A full CGI, 3D video is available on the home page, with a voice over presentation of Toyota’s new retail concept, currently being rolled out in Europe. 


Toyota Motor Europe

UI / UX Design
Vincent Durosier

Alexandre Renet
Edouard Bricambert

Creative Direction
Julie Fourgeaux

CG Artist
Guillaume Engrand
Thibault Lafont-F.
Edouard Bricambert
Romuald Isquierdo
Titouan Cocault

Art Direction
Claire Montagnon
Julie Fourgeaux

Lighting / Shading
Jérôme Bouton

Camille Coste
Julien Trauman
Clara Penitot

Grégoire Brugerie
Natan Colombet
Mathieu Gebauer

QA test
Team alpha

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