Nuke Compositor

Nuke Compositor

Multiply is hiring talented Nuke / Fusion Compositors to join our team in Paris.

Candidates should have extensive experience compositing in Nuke (or fusion) and a solid understanding of composition and cinematography.
Multiply collaborates regularly with high-end Brands. As a compositor, you must be prepared to implement changes on the fly. Your keen eye for visual effects and your ability to integrate several elements into videos or images will make you an major asset in the upcoming productions.

• Understand the overall production’s pipeline and follow the creative direction’s needs
• Create scene lighting that complements the shot and matches the sequence
• Compositing complex sequences in Nuke/Fusion
• Composite and track shots to integrate all the layers, including live-action and 3D rendered layers to compose the final shot
• Maintain high consistent standard of quality
• Keying on live action shots (green screen extraction)
• At least 2 years experience at the same role

Profile :
• Strong sense of composition, color, lighting, perspective, and scale
• Knowledge of roto, paint, tracking, keying, clean-up, and color correction
• Good understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing
• Professional aptitude for time management
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
• At least 2 years experience at the same role

Additional informations:
CDD, Intermittent or Freelance
To be filled as soon as possible

To apply, provide CV, cover letter, references, Website (if applicable)

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