LG Air Solutions Experiences

(Virtual Reality)

LG Air Solutions Experiences

— Immerse yourself in the LG Air Solutions worlds

For all things VR, LG Air Solutions entrusts Multiply with enormous creative freedom. Our specialised team is all-powerful when it comes to creating, adapting and moulding digitised environments, from rendering products in 3D to adding music, VFX effects and all kinds of glorious details.

Residential App

Our fruitful relationship with LG Air Solutions is centred on trust and creative freedom, allowing for cutting-edge product engagement and discovery.

From digitised showrooms to 3D residential spaces, the Unreal Engine built app lets customers interface products with immersive VR environments, like a city flat. 

Users can envisage how they interact with the space around them, both physically and via their multifunction uses.

From style to utility, the app serves as an extension of the human imagination, a digital embodiment of the thought processes that are essential to each customer journey.

Retail App

The second app we have developed for LG Air Solution is a VR tool designed for simulating retail settings like shops, restaurants and boutiques, giving businesses the ability to anticipate the role and impact of devices within their spaces. 

Users are able to take virtual tours of their spaces, analysing the installation process, optimising efficiency and drawing conclusions on product choice and positioning.

With a third digital showroom currently in preparation, this project represents one more step in a long-term partnership with LG at the forefront of commercial VR services.



Kristijan R.
Camille Coste

Motion Designer
Théo Desimpel

Creative Direction
Julie Fourgeaux

CG Artist
Romuald Isquierdo
Guillaume Engrand
Edouard Bricambert

UI / UX Design
Julie Fourgeaux

Art Direction
Claire Montagnon
Julie Fourgeaux

Kévin Faure

Julien Trauman
Camille Coste

Kévin Faure
Jessy Nisas
Valentin Goulmy
Nobila Traoré

Lighting / Shading
Jérôme Bouton

QA test
Team alpha

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