LG Air Solutions AR App

(Augmented Reality)

LG Air Solutions AR App

Try out LG Air Solutions products at home

Multiply Agency’s working relationship with LG Air Solutions encompasses their range of products that aim to transform and improve the air quality in both residential and retail spaces. 

The AR app, which is available in app stores, allows users to scan their floor area via the camera on both Android and Apple devices. From there they can create digital walls on which to test products and visualise how they interact within different settings, switching modes for style and functionality.

LG trusts us to breathe life into these devices via immersive, digitised surroundings that directly enhance customer connection to products and empower purchasers in their decision making.



Camille Coste
Kristijan R.

CG Artist
Guillaume Engrand
Edouard Bricambert

Camille Coste

2D Artist
Théo Desimpel
Vincent Durosier

Lighting / Shading
Jérôme Bouton

Jessy Nisas

Kévin Faure

Art Direction
Claire Montagnon
Julie Fourgeaux

UI / UX Design
Vincent Durosier

QA test
Team alpha

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