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Danger! Explore Multiply’s roots

How to model a jungle leaf by leaf (in a manner of speaking).

Sound imagination

Colours and sounds speak to each other

For 10 years, we have aided the musician Danger in visual production. These projects represented a veritable laboratory for Multiply, spawning many artistic & technical experiments.

9:20 - Ep1 2009 - 3rd music video
Danger's genesis

Multiplying polygons

Green peril

This case began in 2009 and was handled by Multiply’s young team that was formed, like all good startups, in a family basement. Suspended in time for more than a decade, the project awaited the advent of adapted technical means and blossomed into life. The 2020 video game reboot took place in our now seasoned studio.

True to its original spirit, the video retains its retro style and keyframe animations but appears reworked in alignment with today's codes and powered by the latest real-time GPU computing technology.

19:00 - 1st Album - 2nd music video
Era color

unveiling youth

Passage to the New World

Multiply reunited with the client in 2017 with a second video based on Franck Rivoire's imagination, which reflected the iconic scenography of a new live show and album.

Our mission was to showcase and intertwine three major highlights in the Danger epopee, creating a link between past, present and future. Through stylish static scenes that suspend and magnify the drama, viewers are able to connect to the character’s childhood and gather the clues and pop-culture references that make up the Danger universe. 

The result is a viewing experience that sparks intrigue, grows connections with the artist and remains with you long after the video is over.


The mask of Damocles

The mask that protects the musician on stage and in music videos… Where does it come from?
In 2014, Multiply etched the answer in stainless steel through video shot in a Kubrick-esque mechanical universe. Giving life to machines and conveying emotion through metal required pioneering work on textures and new shading innovations. The unparalleled realism was achieved through PBR and the V-ray rendering engine.

1:30 - EP4 2017 - 1st music video
The Machine to Build the Machines

The artist Danger chose Multiply to deliver his genesis story via a music video that unveiled a key element in his visual identity: the mysterious mask. 

1:30 highlights the link between human and machine in a high-tech factory that gives birth to this intriguing artifact. The job cut to the heart of our creative instinct and posed the challenge of embedding poetry within a cold industrial environment.

Behind the scene

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