Toyota Motor Europe

(Case study)

Toyota, imag(in)ing future mobility

— Since 2016, Multiply has been a creative partner of the Toyota group.

Research & development

(Re)thinking urban spaces and their future uses

Designing vehicles in line with changing needs requires modelling the ecosystems of tomorrow. 
The prospective studies conducted by Toyota are based on research into future uses and the evolution of city spaces.

Turning concepts into images

Toyota's R&D teams send us the results from their prospective research. Technology, environment, economy, culture, society... all these data points are analysed to feed our vision and expertise in the transport of future decades.


Motion serves mobility

Multiply's work is a driving force for Toyota's teams: visualising vehicles in different environments facilitates projection and enables Toyota to process the relevance of their research.


Vehicles in a virtual environment

We have designed and developed a fully interactive virtual reality experience for each vehicle in the eV range. 

The user moves freely in a specific scenario created by our concept artists according to each vehicle.

augmented reality

A participatory experience

It’s back to basics for the 4th campaign through the creation of a set of real-time 3D films generated using video game graphics engines.

A flexible solution

This real-time design tool means rapid film delivery and allows for editing right up to the moment it is presented.

Behind the scene

A long-term partnership

The partnership has been renewed every year since we won selection in a call for tenders, in line with the Japanese Group’s philosophy of longevity. 
This means we have had the satisfaction of seeing the vehicles we worked on finally take shape IRL and we are honoured to make a modest contribution to the Toyota keiretsu.


Toyota Design Europe
Toyota Motor Europe

Isabelle Jacquet
Julien Trauman

Lighting - Shading
Jérôme Bouton
Jordan Voisin
Miguel Randrianasolo
Slim Bourourou

Thomas le Tourneux


Unreal Engine TD
Jérôme Bouton

Unreal Dev.
Sores Histapoglu
Valentin Goulmy
Benjamin Tran

Romuald Isquierdo
Amanda Lan-Chéong
Miguel Randrianasolo
Guillaume Engrand
Romain Defieuw

Kristijan Radosavljevic

Motion Designer
Théo Desimpel
Pier LeChapelain

2D Artist
Théo Desimpel
Marion De Chezelles

Aurélien Vogel

Creative Direction
Julie Fourgeaux

Alice Dumoutier
Antoine Florysiak
Lionel Lorne
Diane Deschamps

Concept Artist
Pierre Mareschal
Vincent Lebocey

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