Lexus FL-30

(Case study)

Lexus: embodying the car of the future

— An interactive interior for the carmaker’s latest concept car.

human-machine interface (hmi)

Lexus Future 30, a car that dreams

Revealed at the Tokyo Car Show for the brand’s 30th anniversary, this electric and autonomous vehicle benefits from a human-machine interface that is accessible from the glass surfaces that span the entirety of the passenger compartment. It is also equipped with augmented reality capabilities.

Rethinking driving

We designed a global interface allowing passengers to interact with the vehicle in a sensory and intuitive way.

• Voice and gesture commands
• Augmented reality navigation
• Holographic interface

Interactive experiences

Ubiquitous computing

We helped Lexus to make the transition to ubiquitous computing: the vehicle offers augmented functionality that complements connected objects. As such, the journey becomes a multi-dimensional experience.

Imagining uses and designing interactions

We conceived of and designed interactive experiences on themes like entertainment, well-being and culture. The Skygate (interactive glass roof), for example, allows passengers to navigate the stars and constellations through augmented reality.


A tool for work: virtual reality

As the vehicle was still in the design phase when this project was deployed, we used virtual reality to conceive of the passenger compartment environment and the ergonomics of the sensory and cognitive activities developed.

hardware solutions

From virtual to real

We produced a full-size mockup, which was presented at the 2019 Tokyo Car Show. 

For this, we produced videos simulating the car's HMI functions as well as designing and producing adapted hardware solutions to enable the videos to be broadcasted in the vehicle.

Behind the scene


Toyota Design Europe
Toyota Motor Europe

Isabelle Jacquet
Julien Trauman

Lighting - Shading
Jérôme Bouton
Jordan Voisin
Miguel Randrianasolo
Slim Bourourou

Thomas le Tourneux


Unreal Engine TD
Jérôme Bouton

Unreal Dev.
Sores Histapoglu
Valentin Goulmy
Benjamin Tran

Romuald Isquierdo
Amanda Lan-Chéong
Miguel Randrianasolo
Guillaume Engrand
Romain Defieuw

Kristijan Radosavljevic

Motion Designer
Théo Desimpel
Pier Le Chapelain

2D Artist
Théo Desimpel
Marion De Chezelles

Aurélien Vogel

Creative Direction
Julie Fourgeaux

Alice Dumoutier
Antoine Florysiak
Lionel Lorne
Diane Deschamps

Concept Artist
Pierre Mareschal
Vincent Lebocey

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